Applies to: All Reolink cameras with SD card

Clicking on the videos in playback but they cannot be played back;
The recording information cannot be loaded on the playback page.


Cause 1: Poor Network Connection



Cause 2: SD card is not Inserted Properly 

Solution 2: 

  • Re-plug the SD card after power off to see if the SD card can be recognized.
  • Take out the SD card to see if it can be displayed on the computer. If not, format the SD card on the computer.


Cause 3: SD Card is Broken


Exchange another SD card. Choose Micro SD Card for Reolink Cameras


Cause 4: The DST is Enabled

(If the DST is enabled, the recordings during these periods cannot be playback: 1 hour before the end of DST and 1 hour after the end of DST.)

Solution 4: 

Display the recordings that are not included in the time periods mentioned above.


Note: Check if you are using the latest version of the Reolink APP/ Client. Please make sure that the firmware of your camera is the latest one. If there is no problem with the Client live view, the SD card can be recognized and the video files can be searched, then please try to run the Client with administrative rights.