This article offers you solutions for possible causes of failing to access your NVR in LAN.

Applies to: All PoE NVRs

Description of the phenomenon: the NVR cannot be accessed on both the app and the client in LAN. What are LAN and WAN

Cause 1: NVR is powered off.

Solution: Check whether the power light is on. If it is off, please refer to POE NVR Failed to Power on

Cause 2: There is something wrong with the connection of the LAN port of the NVR.

Solution: Please check whether the light on the LAN port is on.

LAN port light.png

If the light is off, please change the cable and port on the router for a try.

Cause 3: the gateway is 0 (the light of the LAN port is normal).


Please log in to the NVR with a monitor attached, go to MenuNetworkGeneral, and take a picture of this interface.

For NVR with Old UI, please refer to the picture below:

network settings on NVR old UI

For NVR with New UI, Go to Device Settings > Network > Network Status as shown in the picture below:


Change a router or switch and further check the issue. Please also reboot the NVR and check if the issue remains.

Please upgrade the NVR's firmware to the latest firmware.

Cause 4: the router doesn't assign an IP for the NVR.

Solution: please reboot the router and NVR for a try. Please refer to How to Reboot Reolink NVR

If you checked all the above steps and the problem is not solved, please contact Reolink support for warranty.