If you talk to the camera on the Reolink App/Reolink Client, but find the sound coming out from the camera is too low. Here are some possible causes and solutions for you.

Applies to: Reolink cameras which can support 2-way audio.

Description: When using the two-way audio, you can hear the sound on the camera side, but the volume is too low.

Cause 1: The volume of the microphone is low(Only for Andriod App in the latest version)

Solution: Tap the speaker on the App side and turn up the volume.


Cause 2: The person who speaks on the App/Client side is too far away from the microphone.

Solution: Please talk closer to the microphone of the phone/PC.

Cause 3: The Device Volume is set too low. (Only for cameras supporting two-way audio and smart detection)

Solution: Launch Reolink App/Client and go to the device settings page to turn up the Device Volume. Check out more instructions on How to Adjust Alarm and Speaker Volume for Reolink Cameras.

Note: There's no way to adjust the volume on the camera side directly. If the sound on the camera side is too low, you have to turn the speaker's volume up on the App/Client side.