Problem phenomenon: Reolink camera cannot be added with another brand NVR, or another brand NVR cannot find Reolink cameras

Cause1: Compatibility issues


1. Make sure another brand camera or NVR is Onvif 2.1 compliant.

2. Please download an Onvif device manager and check whether the Onvif device manager can find the devices or not. 

3. If Onvif device manager can find these devices, but still cannot work with other brand camera or NVR, please contact us with the camera/NVR model number and firmware version. 

Cause2: Connect other brand camera or NVR directly with Reolink NVR or camera directly via LAN cable.

1. Please don't hook up other brand cameras with Reolink NVR directly via LAN cable or hook up Reolink cameras with another brand NVR directly via LAN cable. 

We suggest hook up the other brand camera/NVR with your POE switch or router then make sure the Reolink NVR/ camera connected with the same router,


Solution 2: Password issue

Please factory reset the Reolink cameras without a password or factory reset other brand cameras without a password to have a try.