Applies to: All Reolink cameras that support ONVIF.

Problem phenomenon: Failed to add the camera with security spy 

Cause1: improper settings(port,IP address, username, password)


1. Please add the camera via Onvif.

2. Please check the camera username, password, IP address are correct. 

If the camera and your security spy are in a different network, please make sure the camera Onvif port and RTSP port are forwarded properly in your router, then add the camera with your router wan IP address and the Onvif port to security spy. 

3. If your camera profile is H265, please choose the substream to view this camera. 

Cause 2: network error


1. Please set the camera connection type as DHCP to have a try, you can refer to the link here to check the general network settings. 

2. Please kindly reboot the camera, router and your security spy to have a try.