Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs

If you failed to view the camera live in clear mode with "loading" in the image or it alerts you to switch to lower resolution due to the poor network connection, below are the causes to this issue:

Cause 1. Unstable Network


1. Switch the stream mode to Fluent.

Note: Check the network connection if the fluent stream works but the clear stream fails.

For wifi cameras, you may take the camera closer to the router or use a wired connection to test; For POE cameras, please check whether your Ethernet cable is CAT 5e or upper and change to use a shorter Ethernet cable if the cable is too long.

2. Access the cameras in clear stream in LAN.

Note: Restart the router if the problem still exists and check whether there are other devices using a lot of bandwidth.

3. Lower the bitrate of clear stream.

Note: please refer to the instructions here.

4. Check the upstream bandwidth.

Note: To watch the live view of one camera requires at least 1.5MB upstream bandwidth. If the upstream bandwidth of your network is not enough, please contact ISP to upgrade the bandwidth.


Cause 2. Softwares


1. If the clear stream failed on App, try on computer client. If clear stream can work via Client, please disable "hardware decoding" on Android App and check it again.

2. If the clear stream failed on either phone App or computer client, check whether other devices are viewing the same camera in clear mode at the same time.


If the problem still exists after checking the above steps, please upgrade the camera to the latest firmware and then contact Support.