If you want to add a camera/NVR to your Reolink App/Client when they are on LAN(local area network, for example, your phone and the camera are connected to the same WiFi) but find it failed, refer to the possible causes and solutions offered by the article below for troubleshooting.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs

Description of the phenomenon: If Reolink App/Client shows an incorrect username or password when you log in to the cameras/NVRs on the local network, here are some possible causes for your reference.

Cause 1: You have entered the wrong username or password

Solution: Make sure you have entered the right username and password. 

If you are the default username is admin, input the login password you have created for admin during the initial setup. If you are another type of user created by the admin, please input the username and password accordingly.

Note: Battery-powered cameras only support default user admin, so just confirm the password issue. 

Cause 2: You forget the username or password

Solution: Restore or reset the cameras/NVRs. You can refer to How to Reset Reolink Device


Description of the phenomenon: If the Reolink App/Client shows connection failed when you try to log in to the cameras/NVRs on the local network, try the solutions below to see if it works out.

Cause 1: The Camera/ NVR isn't powered up

Solution: Make sure the camera/ NVR is powered up. For cameras, you can check whether IR lights will turn on in a dark environment or by covering the daylight sensor. For NVRs, you can check whether the power LED on the front side of the NVR is solid green.

Cause 2: The camera/ NVR isn't on the same network as your phone/PC

Solution: Make sure the camera/NVR connects to the same router as your computer/mobile phone, and the port lights on the router flash normally.

Cause 3: You have entered a wrong UID

Solution: If you enter UID manually, please make sure the UID is correct.

Cause 4: The PC might have some wrong settings


  • Click the Add button on the Client, then Scan Device(s) In LAN to check whether the camera can be searched out. 
  • Disable VPN, anti-virus software, and firewall on the PC.
  • Check whether you can access the camera via the Reolink App.
  • Change another PC for a check. 

Cause 5: Network Connection Failure

Solution: If you still fail to solve the problem of connection failed, refer to Fail to Connect Camera/NVR in LAN to check the local network connection of the cameras/NVRs. If your cameras are WiFi cameras, please kindly move your cameras closer to the router for a check. 

If all the solutions above fail to solve your problem, you can contact our support team for help.