Applies to: All Reolink cameras except for battery-powered cameras.

If you find the camera stops recording to the PC, there are several possible causes for you to check:

Cause 1: The record schedule setting is not set up correctly.

Solutions: Please make sure the Record settings are set up correctly. For example, if you want the cameras to record 24/7 to the PC, please make sure the whole schedule is set to "Timer".

Launch Reolink Client and go to Local Settings -> Record Settings page.

Check the Enable Record box to enable local recording, then choose the record type (Normal, Motion, and None) and tap on the grids to set the recording schedule. Click the OK button to save the settings. And then the camera will start to record according to the different record types you choose before.


Cause 2: The Client is not running.

Solutions: Please make sure the Client is running on your PC. You may check the Reolink Logo on the taskbar to confirm whether it is running:


If you exit the Client accidentally or the PC goes to sleep mode automatically, the videos will not be saved onto the PC.

Cause 3: There's no capacity left in the Record Path.

Solutions: Please make sure there is enough capacity for the Record path. If no, please delete files in this path or change to another path.


If the capacity is enough but the camera still stops, please provide the screenshot below for support to analyze:


Cause 4: Your camera is a battery-powered model.

Solutions: Please note the battery-powered doesn't support 24/7 recording due to the battery protection principle. It will enter into standby mode even if the local recording is set to a 24/7 schedule.