Applies to: All Reolink cameras

If you find the videos in the playback are too short, there are several possible causes for you to check:

Cause 1. Different recording principle of different models.

Every camera model has its post-record time. If the post record time is 30s, it means the camera will record 30s after the motion stops.

For 4G battery-powered cameras(Reolink Go & Go PT), the post-record time is default to 10s which can't be changed.

For WiFi battery-powered cameras, the post-record time can be set to 8s/15s/30s.

For PoE & Wireless Security Camera, the post-record time can be set to 15s/30s/1min.


Cause 2. The triggered motion duration is too short.

Please refer to this article to set up the post-record time to the longest value, for example, 30s or 1min:

How to Set the Post-Motion Recording

And try to manually trigger the camera via waving hands or walking around, then check the video files again.