Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

Problems:  PIR sensor fails to trigger the alarm when a person or an object moves within the supposed detection distance. The alarm can only be triggered when something is very close to the camera.


Cause1: The camera was installed too high, or it did not aim at the detecting area.

Solution1: Mount the camera at about 2-3 meters above ground level, and adjust the angle of it. Refer to:

How to position your battery-powered Reolink camera properly.


Cause2: The PIR sensitivity was too low.

Solution2: set up the PIR sensitivity higher.


Cause3: There was glass or other obstacles between the camera and intruders.

Solution3: Change the mounting place of the camera or remove the obstacles if convenient.


Notes: If the problem still exists after the above three steps, please take down the camera and test the detection distance. Or you can send the preview picture to our support team to further check the installation.