Applies to: All IPC except the battery-powered cameras and E1, E1 pro, Reolink Lumus

Descriptions of the phenomenon: the upload failed or is not uploaded.

Cause 1: firmware bug.

Solution: check whether the firmware is the latest one.

Cause 2: poor network.


  • Try to upoad the video or picture with sub-stream or just upload pictures;
  • If there are many devices under the customer’s home network or many devices are uploading files to the FTPserver, try to disconnect other devices and only connect this one camera to check if the problem still exists.

Cause 3: The disk space of the upload directory is full.

Solution: Delete the recording files in the upload directory.

Cause 4: unknown reason

Solution: If you have tried all of the above and there is still a 0KB file, please provide the camera's firmware version and model to contact Reolink Support Team.