Applies to: All Reolink cameras except cameras come with NVR kit (B800, D800, D400, B400, etc.)

Problem phenomenon: You can receive the test email, but you never receive the email except for the test email. 

Cause 1: improper camera settings or the camera never triggered by motion 

Solution 1:

Battery-powered camera: please kindly check the camera PIR is enabled, the PIR schedule is 7/24 and sensitivity is properly set, you can check the camera PIR settings by clicking here

POE camera, NVR&wifi camera:

1. please kindly check the motion area and sensitivity are set correctly, you check these settings by clicking here

2. Please kindly check the email schedule you have set correctly, you can check the email schedule by clicking here

3. if all the settings are correct, please walk in front of the camera and triggered the camera intentionally, you can receive the email or not, if you still cannot receive the email, please kindly enable the push notifications and see you can receive the push notifications or not? 

Cause 2:Network problems, picture attachments are unable to be sent out

Solution 2:

If you disable the attachments, you can receive the email or not? 

If you can receive the email after disabling the attachments,

For POE camera, NVR, wifi camera: please stop uploading the picture or video to FTP, cloud or capturing the picture via MJPEG, only allow the email to send attachments, make sure the firmware of your NVR and cameras are the latest one, then see you can receive the emails or not? 

Battery-powered camera or wifi camera: please move these cameras more closer with the router or change another wifi channel with less interference. 

Please set up post-recording extension much longer, if the camera record to sd card.