Applies to: All Reolink cameras

If you noticed the live stream or playback recording of your camera is frozen and the time is jumping every few seconds, please troubleshoot this issue as per steps below:

Cause 1: Network issue 


  1. Please switch to the local network and check if it is still frozen and jumping when accessed in LAN.
  2. Please try both mobile App and computer client to see if the image is normal.
  3. Please decrease your camera's  Max Bitrate or switch to the fluent mode for live stream and playback.
  4. Please reduce the home connected devices to check if the stream and playback is normal
  5. Please reboot your camera and your home router to check again.

If you tried the above steps and the live stream is back to normal, then the issue could be caused by the network. But if the problem still exists, then, please check the following causes.

Cause 2: Firmware bug of the camera

Solution: Please upgrade the firmware to the latest version. And if you don't sure your firmware is new or not, please contact Reolink support for further help.

Cause 3: Ethernet cable doesn't meet the requirements

Solution: If the frozen image is the Poe camera, please make sure your Ethernet cable is no longer than 80 meters and also check the cable standard