Applies to: Reolink cameras which can support auto-focus function 

If your camera is an auto-focus lens and the live view image is blurry or out of focus, please troubleshoot this problem as followings.

Cause 1: The focus or zoom is not adjusted properly

Solution: Please manually adjust the focus or zoom on the mobile app or client to see whether the image will focus and become clear. Please refer to:

How to Zoom

How to Manually Focus

Cause 2: Condensation/water gets into the camera lens

Solution: Please check whether there is any condensation/ water /fog inside the camera lens.  If so, please make sure you install the camera properly and contact the Reolink support team for a warranty.

Cause 3: The camera was not installed properly 

Solution: If this is a new camera and part of the image is blurry or not focused, please exchange another place to check whether it will be fine.

Cause 4: Update the camera to the wrong firmware or the firmware bug

Solution: If your image was blurry or out of focus right after the firmware update,  it could be caused by the wrong firmware version or the firmware bug, please contact Reolink support team for the right firmware version.

Cause 5: Camera's hardware defect

Solution: If the camera image doesn't move at all while you try to manually focus/zoom the camera on the software, it could be the camera's hardware defect. Please hard reset the camera by pressing the reset button to see whether the image will be back to normal.

If it is still the same and you have tried all the above solutions, please contact the Reolink Support team for further help.