Applies to: Reolink cameras with the fixed lens 

If your camera is a fixed lens and the live view image is very blurry, please troubleshoot this problem as per steps below: 

Cause 1: Condensation/water gets into the camera lens

Solution: Please check your camera lens whether you can see any condensation/ water /fog inside the camera lens.  If so, please make sure you installed the camera properly and contact the Reolink support team for a warranty.

Cause 2: Something like Spider web around the camera lens

Solution: Please check whether something around the camera lens especially at night. Please clear the camera lens to check again.

Cause 3: Camera is too close to the monitor area or objects 

Solution: Please check whether your camera is facing the monitor area or objects too close. The smaller the focus of the lens is, the bigger the view angle will be, and it will be suitable for close monitor; the bigger the focus is, the smaller the view angle will be, and it will be suitable for the remote monitor. Please move the camera farther away( at least 3meters) from the objects and check again.

Cause 4: Lens defected from factory or transitway

Solution: If you checked all the above steps and your image is part/half blurry, the camera lens could be damaged on the transitway or improperly produced from the factory. Please try the hard reset to check again, and contact Reolink support for your warranty.