Applies to: C1, C1 Pro, C2, C2 Pro

If you failed to connect your camera in LAN (when your phone/computer is connected to the same network as the camera), here are some possible causes for your reference.

Cause 1: The Camera isn't Powered on 

Please check what's the status of the power light on the front of the camera. If it's not solid blue, please use another DC 5V/2A power adapter to have a try.

Please refer to LED Introduction for Reolink C Series Cameras for information about the status LED of the camera.


Cause 2: The Camera Drops from WiFi

Please check what's the status of the camera network light on the front of the camera. If it's blinking in red, it means that the camera is disconnected from WiFi. Please use a network cable to connect the camera to the router port directly, then reconfigure the camera to connect to WiFi. Please make sure the wifi settings are saved before you unplug the camera from your router. Set up WiFi Settings for WiFi Cameras

Note: When the camera is connected to network properly, the network light will be off.

Cause 3: Weak WiFi Signal Reception

If the network light on the front of the camera stays off, it means that the camera is connected to WiFi. Here are some tips for your reference:

Cause 4: Some Settings Blocked Reolink Client/App to connect the camera

If the camera's power light is solid blue and the network light stays off, please confirm that the VPN is not running on your phone/pc (if your camera and pc/phone are not connected on the same VPN). And please also check the firewall and antivirus software settings.

  • Please refer to How to Allow Reolink Client Pass Through the Firewall on your PC to configure the firewall settings on your pc. As for the phone, most of the phones don't have the firewall settings, If you have enabled the firewall on your phone, please allow Reolink App to pass through it.
  • Please turn off the antivirus software if it's running on your phone/PC.