Here are methods for you to know if the solar panel is plugged into your camera properly and if it is charging your camera. Please scroll down and check them out.

Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras.

You have two methods to check whether the Solar Panel is connected properly to your camera or not.

Method 1: Check the battery light of the camera which is located around the micro USB port.

If the camera is connected to Reolink Solar Panel, the battery light would be orange/green


Method 2: Launch your Reolink App and check the icon shown on the camera.

If your camera is connected to a Solar Panel, there will be an icon of a sun shown on the page of the camera. If your camera is being charged by the Reolink Solar Panel, the blue battery level bar will be moving.

solar charging icon.png

Or you can go to the Device Settings page to check whether there is a sun icon on Battery and whether the blue battery level bar is moving. 


Also, tap Battery and you will find a sun icon and a charging icon to show that your camera is being charged by the solar panel now.