Applies to: Reolink PoE NVRs

Reolink UID (based on P2P) can be used for the set-up and remote access of Reolink cameras and NVRs. If you get Login failed/Connection failed/Send UID failed message when trying to remotely access the camera via the UID, please follow this guide for a simple troubleshooting.

Note: Please make sure you can log into the your device on the LAN before the troubleshooting.

There are several possible causes for the problem:

Cause 1. The UDP ports are blocked by the network firewalls.
Solution: Refer to use NTP to synchronize time to check whether you can sync the time succeeded. If you can, it means that that UDP ports are opened. If not, please check the NTP settings and your local network settings to ensure that UDP ports are not blocked by the firewalls.

Note: If you are on some special networks (hospital/hotel/school/office), please try to contact the IT admin for some help.

Cause 2. Your device is blocked by the system firewall of the login terminal.
Solution: See how to configure system firewall settings and allow Reolink Client to pass through the system firewall on windows 10 or on Mac.

Cause 3.  Unsuccessful email settings.

Solution: refer to Reolink Camera Email Test Failed and Sent Email Fail to check whether your email has been successfully set.

Note: If you fail to log into your device via UID on Reolink App, please switch to another network (switch to 4G or another Wi-Fi) and try it again.