If your phone and your camera are on different networks, you can add the Reolink products to the Reolink App remotely. 

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs

Note: Before adding a camera/NVR, please download the Reolink App on your smartphone.

When you are using your phone on a data network outside and your camera is using a WiFi connection at home, you can add the device to the Reolink App remotely by "manually entering UID or IP address". You may follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Launch the Reolink App and tap the Add icon at the top right corner. Then tap Input UID/IP.

1._tap_add_button.jpg 2._Choose_UID_or_IP.jpg

Step 2. Choose UID. Then enter the 16-digit UID number of your camera. Tap Next.

Please note that the cameras included in the security kit do not have UID, so they can't be added remotely through UID.


You can also add your camera remotely via IP address. Before adding your camera remotely through the IP address, you need first to forward ports on the router interface, so that you can get a WAN IP. Please refer to How to Forward Ports in Router Interface for Reolink Products for a detailed guide.


Note: Reolink battery-powered camera does not support adding by IP address. 

Step 3. Choose Wi-Fi Already Configured. If your camera is uninitialized or has been reset, please do the initial setup first.


Step 4. Enter the username and password of your camera. Tap Access.


Done! You've successfully added the camera to the App remotely. You can also refer to How to Add Reolink Camera or NVR to Reolink App to learn more methods of adding your camera/NVR to the Reolink App.