If you need to replace the HDD or add an additional HDD for Reolink NVR, refer to the below-listed HDD which we have tested.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs

HDD List

No. Brand Name SPEC/Model
1 Western Digital HDD WD5000AVDS(500G)
2 Western Digital HDD WD5000LUCT(500G)
3 Western Digital HDD WD10EURX(1TB)
4 Western Digital HDD WD20EURS(2TB)
5 Western Digital HDD WD30PURX (3TB)
6 Western Digital HDD WD40EURX (4TB)
7 Western Digital HDD WD5000LUCT(500G)
8 Seagate HDD ST1000VM002(1TB)
9 Seagate HDD ST2000VM003(2TB)
10 Seagate HDD ST3000VX006(3TB)
11 Seagate HDD ST4000VX007 (4TB)
12 Seagate HDD ST6000VX0023 (6TB)
13 Seagate HDD ST6000VX001 (6TB)
14 Toshiba HDD DT01ABA100V(1TB)
15 Toshiba HDD DT01ABA200V(2TB)
16 Toshiba HDD DT01ABA300V(3TB)

Except for the HDDs listed above, you can also check the purchase details below.

For Western Digital, there are three series that can be recommended: Red, Gold Enterprise, Purple Surveillance

For Toshiba, there are also three series: Toshiba S300, Toshiba N300 PRO, Toshiba N300

For Seagate, there are four series: Seagate Skyhawk AI, Exos, Seagate IronWolf Pro, Seagate IronWolf

And now more capacities can be recommended: 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB, and 16TB.

If you want to know which capacity can be used for your NVR, check the information in the Hardware Version of Reolink NVRs, and you can also check How Many HDDs Can I Connect with Reolink NVR System

Note: It's recommended to use surveillance-level or higher-level hard drives with the NVR; Notebooks or home office-level hard drives may have poor performance and compatibility issues with NVRs.