If you find that your camera has consumed much data during normal use, here are some possible causes for your reference.

Applies to: Reolink Go, Go Plus, Go PT, Go PT Plus, Duo 4G, Duo 2 LTE, KEEN Ranger PT, TrackMix LTE, TrackMix LTE Plus

Cause 1. When the camera is working, it will send continuous heartbeat packets to the server to keep the connection, which will consume about several MB/day.

Solution: If you are on-site and do not need the camera working, you can switch off the camera or take out the battery (only for the Go series) to turn off the camera.

Cause 2. Watching live streaming, playing recordings, uploading videos to the cloud, and sending push/email notifications will also consume data. Especially connect the camera and playback videos in Clear mode.

Solution: Reduce the use of these functions to save data consumption.

Cause 3. A poor network connection will consume more data than a normal connection since it will send more connection packages to the server.

Solution: Change the camera's location or change the sim card to get a better signal. For cameras with antennae, make sure the antenna is attached tightly.