If you forgot your NVR password, you may refer to the following two methods to reset your password.

Applies to: RLN8-410, RLN16-410, RLN36 and RLN12W.

Please note that this operation could only be done on NVRs with the hardware version N2MB02, N3MB01, N7MB01, H3MB18, N6MB01, and N5MB01.

Method 1. Answer the Password Security Question

Step 1. Connect the NVR to a monitor with an HDMI/VGA cable. Then power on the NVR.  

Step 2. Click Forgot Password button.

login window new ui.png

Step 3. Click the Answer box to input the answer to the security question, and click the Go to Reset.


Step 4. Now you can input a new password and confirm it. Then click OK.


Method 2. Reset the Password by Pressing the Reset Button

For RLN12W:

Make sure that the NVR is powered on, find the reset button on the back of the NVR, then keep pressing the reset button until you hear the buzzing “bee”.


For RLN8-410/RLN16-410/RLN36:

Step 1. Power off the NVR. Then use a screwdriver to remove the outer case of the NVR.

Step 2. Power on the NVR. Press the Reset button for 10 seconds until you hear the buzzing “bee”.

 The Reset button of 8-Channel NVR:

Reset Button of 8-Channel NVR

The Reset button of 16-Channel NVR:

Reset Button of 16-Channel NVR

The Reset button of RLN36:


Step 3. After the Setup Wizard pops out, create a new password and follow the Setup Wizard to complete the setup.