Applies to: Reolink Argus series, E1 series and Reolink Lumus

If you got "QR code does not match" message during the camera initial setup process, there were 2 cases:

Case 1: You heard the "QR code does not match" voice prompt.

In this case, please make sure you didn't scan the other camera's QR code to set up the current camera.
Especially for Argus (the old generation) camera, please make sure you didn't mix up different cameras' rear covers.

Case 2: You didn't hear the "QR code does not match" voice or didn't hear the" Scan Succeeded" voice prompt from the camera and the camera keep saying "Please run Reolink APP, add the camera and set it up", it could be the camera failed to recognize the QR code on the APP.

Please troubleshoot here: Camera Failed to Scan the QR Code on the Phone APP

If the tips above don't solve the problem, please provide your camera UID (QR code) to Reolink support for further assistance.