Applies to: All Reolink products except for all the Battery-powered cameras.

There are several possible causes for Login Failed when accessing Reolink IP cameras in LAN. You may follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

Cause 1. Camera is not connected properly.


A. Make sure the camera is powered on.

For the C1, C2, and E1 series, please check and make sure you will see the status led light lit on or the IR lights will lit on.

For the RLC series IP cameras, please cover the daylight sensor or place the camera in a dark environment and make sure you see the IR lights lit on. 

B. Make sure the POE camera is connected to your network properly, the Ethernet cable is working and you will see flashing led lights on the LAN port.

Cause 2. The connection between APP/Client and Camera is interrupted.


A. please make sure the phone or computer is connected to the same network as the camera.

B. If neither APP nor client can access the camera, please check the network of the camera and reboot camera/router or reset the camera.

C. If APP can access the camera, but client cannot (vice versa), please check the phone or computer network: disable the firewall, VPN or antivirus. Refer to Login Failed when Accessing Reolink IP Cameras via Reolink Client in LAN

D. Update APP/Client/IPC to the latest version.