Applies to: Reolink Cameras.

If you fail to upgrade the latest firmware for your Reolink cameras, you can refer to the following methods to solve this problem.

For Battery-powered Cameras

  • For Argus, Argus 2 and Argus Pro, unplug the battery and let the camera cool for more than 8 hours. Then, you can try to upgrade the firmware again.
  • For other battery-powered cameras, turn OFF the power button for at least 8 hours to cool down the camera. Then, try again to upgrade the firmware.

You may upgrade firmware for Reolink battery-powered camera by the following method. Check details in:

For Non-battery Powered Cameras

  • For the non-battery powered cameras, you can continue trying to upgrade the firmware if you fail to upgrade it for the first time.

You may upgrade firmware for Reolink non-battery powered cameras by the following methods. Check details in:

Note: For the cameras connected directly to the NVR, it only supports upgrading via the NVR end (connected to the monitor).

If you still can't upgrade the firmware successfully after following the instructions above, please contact support for further assistance.