Encounter the "SIM Card Cannot be Recognized" issue with your Reolink 4G Camera? Follow our comprehensive troubleshooting steps and learn how to activate SIM card for Reolink camera, ensuring seamless connectivity for your security needs.

Applies to: All Reolink 4G Cameras

Issue Description

When inserting the SIM card into the camera, the device announces "SIM Card Cannot be Recognized."


Troubleshooting Steps of “Reolink SIM Card Not Recognized”

  1. Verify the SIM Card Provider: Ensure your SIM card's provider and plan are listed among our Suggested SIM Card Providers for your region. This step is crucial as not all carriers may be compatible with Reolink 4G cameras.
  2. Correct SIM Card Installation: Make sure that the SIM card is inserted properly and facing the right direction. Refer to our detailed guides:
    1. How to Install the SIM Card for Reolink Go/Go Plus/Go Ultra
    2. How to Install SIM Card for Reolink Go PT/Go PT Plus/Go PT Ultra/KEEN Ranger PT/Go Ranger PT
  3. Ensure Good Contact: Check that the SIM card is making good contact with the card slot to avoid "SIM card not detected" issues. For Reolink Go, press down on the metal flap over the SIM card slot to ensure a firm connection between the SIM and the camera.
  4. Restart and Reset the Camera: Restart your camera and perform a factory reset to see if the issue persists.
  5. Test with an Alternative SIM: If available, try using a different SIM card from a supported carrier to isolate the issue to the SIM or the camera.


If the Problem "Reolink Camera SIM Card Not Working" Persists:

Should the above steps not resolve the issue, please gather the following information and contact Reolink Support:

  1. A brief description of the issue. For example, "When inserting the SIM card into the camera, it announces 'SIM Card Cannot be Recognized.'"
  2. Details about the SIM card carrier and data plan. If you have tried multiple carriers, please include this information as well. For instance, "T-Mobile pre-paid, data-only SIM card."