There are some settings you can set to get better image quality for Reolink cameras. Please refer to the instruction below.

Applies to: All Reolink Cameras

Note: If you want to get a clearer image when you operate this camera remotely (LiveView, Playback and upload the recording to Cloud), please ensure that you have a good network environment. If the network where you access this camera is poor, we suggest you switch to the Fluent mode to operate the camera, otherwise you will meet the file lost and stream delay.

There are six functions you can check the image quality of Reolink Cameras.

  • LiveView
  • Playback
  • Email attachment
  • Download the recording
  • Recordings uploaded to the FTP 
  • Recordings uploading to the Cloud

1. Change the Encode Settings

Refer to: Set Up the Record Encode for Reolink Cameras

2. Change the Installation Environment (Applies to all above functions)

  • Avoid IR reflection
  • Avoid the strong light
  • Avoid solid color
  • Make sure the subject is within the illumination range

3. Change the Functional settings 


  1. If you meet a problem when you access this camera remotely, you can access it locally for verification before contacting us.
  2. If you meet an image issue when you operate the camera in the third-party software, you can try to operate it in Reolink software in advance before contacting Reolink Support.