Applies to: All Reolink products (exclude Battery-powered cameras).

When you tried to log in to the camera/NVR and got the error message as login failed/connection failed/timeout in the LAN, here are the suggestions for you:

Cause 1. The Reolink Client on your PC cannot pass the firewall or other antivirus software to block the connection.

Solution: Refer to how to Allow Reolink Client Pass Through the Firewall on your PC and try to turn off the antivirus software you used on this PC.

You may also check if you can connect this device via your mobile app, if it is working fine via the APP, then it could be the issue of the PC client.

If it also fails to be accessed/scanned via the app in LAN, then, please check the following causes.

Cause 2. The camera or NVR cannot work normally.

Solution: Refer to Reolink PoE NVR stop working and Reolink Cameras Stop Working.

Cause 3. The program is installed incorrectly or has some other limits on your PC.

Solution: Try to reinstall the Reolink Client or change another PC to check.