If your FTP server stops working with Reolink cameras, please make troubleshoot according to the following steps.

Applies to: Reolink cameras which can support FTP

Here are some suggestions for the following issues:

FTP test failed

1. Check the FTP parameters:

Please make sure that the steps of setting the FTP are correct: How to Set up FTP via Reolink Client (New Client) 

Note: The default FTP port is 21. In case 21 port is occupied, please change to a different port to have a try. 
  • Please check whether the username and password are correct.
  • Please check whether your FTP account has permission to create a new folder.
  • Change the transport mode to check.
  • Check the network connection from the camera to the FTP server

To verify the above information, you may use the FileZilla to test and provide the screenshot on the FileZilla to our support team to check.

If your FTP server and the camera are on the same LAN, you can log in to the server on the FileZilla Server first, then click FTP test on the client/web/app, copy the log of the FileZilla to text and send it to our support team.


2. Firewall Settings on PC

Please disable the firewall on the PC or set up the FTP server to pass through the computer firewall.

3. Security Settings of FTP server

Please disable TLS encryption in the FTP settings. Only some Reolink cameras support TLS encryption now.

4. Restart

Please restart the FTP server or restart the computer.

FTP test succeeded but no files were uploaded

  • Please check the FTP schedule enabled and ensure the motion was working if you set the motion in the schedule:
  • Change the transport mode to check.
  • Submit a request to the support for further help.