Currently, Reolink Cloud is compatible with various Reolink camera models across different global regions (click Reolink Cloud Availability to learn more).

In this FAQ we offer a few steps for you to troubleshoot the problem of no records saved in your cloud account.

Cause 1. Fail to bind the camera to the cloud account

Solution: Confirm that the camera is bound to your cloud account successfully. Please refer to the instructions here to create cloud account, subscribe a cloud plan and bind the camera.

Cause 2.  The PIR settings are set improperly


  • Make sure the PIR Sensor is ON.


  • Make sure PIR schedule properly configured


Confirm the dates and time periods when you want the camera to alarm you, and make sure they are chosen in blue.


Cause 3. The camera can not be triggered correctly


  • Enable Siren. Wave your hand in front of the camera to trigger the PIR Siren. If you can hear alarm then it means your PIR is working properly.


  • Configure Email Settings and turn on Push and Email Alerts. Wave your hand in front of the camera and see if whether your phone receives Push or E-mail notifications. If it sends push or E-mail notifications, then it means your PIR is working properly.

Cause 4. Poor Network

Solution: Please check the network connection and make sure the network is good enough to upload the recordings to the cloud.

If you still cannot find recordings in your cloud storage, please contact support and provide UID & password for us to check for you.