Applies to: Reolink Argus 2, Argus Pro

The status LED on the camera can indicate whether the camera is on or off. If you disabled the LED before or you are not sure whether it's disabled or not, please reset the camera to factory default settings.

If there is no voice prompt and the status LED is still off, please refer to the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem.

Cause 1. The battery is not installed properly.

Solution: Please tear off the protective film on the pins at the back of the camera, and make sure that the battery is installed to the camera firmly.

Camera Pins

Cause 2. The battery is not fully charged.

Solution: Please charge the battery with 5V/2A DC charger and pay attention to the LED under the micro USB port on the battery.

  • Green light: the battery is fully charged
  • Orange light: the battery is charging

Camera Battery LED Light

If the battery status light is off, please

  1. check whether the micro USB cable is plugged into the port properly;
  2. change a 5V/2A power supply which is verified working properly;
  3. make sure that the temperature around is -10°C~ + 45°C (14°F~113°F).

Cause 3. The battery doesn't work.

Solution. Please exchange the battery with the one of another working camera and see whether it works.

If the status LED still doesn't turn on and there is no voice prompt after doing the steps above, then the problem might be the camera hardware faulty. Please contact support team for help.