Applies to: Reolink Battery-powered cameras (exclude Reolink Argus and Keen).

If you meet the following situations, it may be the battery cannot be charged:

  1. The battery-powered camera cannot be powered on when you use the DC adapter to charging the battery.
  2. The LED under the micro-USB port is flashing when you try to charge the battery.
  3. The battery percent didn't change for a few days.

Before the troubleshooting, we suggest you may use other devices to verify the DC adapter and USB cable could work well:

  • DC adapter should be 5V 2A.
  • USB cable should not be too long (less than 1.5m) and not slimmer than the cable in the package.

Here are some causes and solutions:

Cause 1. Improper charging temperature

Solution: For the battery-powered camera, it cannot be charged if the temperature is out of the charging temperature range (0℃~60℃). You may take the camera and battery back to the room and wait for it back to the room temperature to charge for a test.

Cause 2. Battery self-protection mechanism

Solution: In some special cases, the battery will stop be charged to protect itself. And the LED under the micro-USB port will keep flashing in red/orange, then you may take the battery out and reinstall it to the camera to charging for a test.

Cause 3. The pins on the camera is damaged

Solution: Check if the pins were oxidation/rust, splitting or bending. And for the Argus Pro/2, ensure take off the plastic film on the pins before the installation.

Note: If there is another working battery, please try to swap them to verify if the issue is on the battery or the camera.

Cause 4. The battery charging input is less than the output

Solution: For the cameras which has the removable battery, please take off the battery and charge it separately for a few hours, then put it back to see if the battery level has been increased. For the cameras which have the immovable battery, please turn off the cameras to charge it for several hours.

If you use the solar panel to charge the cameras, please refer to Why Reolink Solar Panel Stop Charging Reolink Battery Powered Cameras to troubleshoot.

If all above cannot solve your issue, please provide the UID and the test result (we suggest provide some photos or short videos) to the support team for further help.