Applies to: Reolink Battery-powered cameras

If you see the Device is offline on Reolink App or Reolink Client after the camera has been properly set up and functioning for a while, you may refer to the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem. There're several possible causes for the problem:

Cause 1.  The camera cannot be powered up.

Solution: You may confirm whether the camera is powered on by checking the status light on the front of the camera. If the status light is off, please charge the battery or switch to another battery to see if it works.

Note: While the status light can be turned off manually, it is not advised to do so, as you won't be able to tell whether the camera is power-on or not.



Status LED

Cause 2. The camera is disconnected from the Internet.

Solution: If the status LED is solid red, it means that the network connection is lost. Please place the battery-powered camera close to the router and go to your router interface to see if you can find the IP address of your camera. If you can, please check your WiFi settings and try again. If you cannot, please submit a request with your troubleshooting results to our support team for further assistance.