If you're encountering issues while scanning the QR code for your Reolink WiFi cameras on the Reolink App/Client, this article will provide some troubleshooting suggestions to overcome this challenge.

Applies to: All Reolink Battery-Powered WiFi Cameras,  E1 outdoor, E1 outdoor Pro, E1 Zoom, E1 pro, E1, TrackMix WiFi, Reolink Doorbell Wifi, FE-W, and Reolink Lumus. 

Symptoms for Reolink camera not scanning QR code

If your camera emits "ding ding" sounds or cycles through the message "Please run Reolink App, and set it up" in five languages after powering on, but you don't hear a "beep" sound when attempting to scan the QR code on the Reolink App/Client.

Troubleshooting steps for camera won't scan QR code

1. Check the camera lens to ensure there are no protective films obstructing it.

2. In a well-lit area, increase the brightness of your phone screen, enlarge the QR code, and try scanning it with the camera.

3. Ensure that the phone screen and camera lens are on the same plane, approximately 20 centimeters (8 inches) apart; alternatively, adjust the camera lens angle or distance flexibly and try again.

4. Make sure the WiFi SSID and password meet the requirements. Refer to the article Introduction to the Requirements of WiFi Networks for Reolink WiFi Cameras and Battery-powered WiFi Cameras

5. If Reolink scan QR code still not works with one phone, try using another phone or a computer client to scan; vice versa.

6. For cameras with an Ethernet port, such as the E1 series, Trackmix WiFi, Doorbell WiFi, or FE-W, try connecting them directly to the router with a network cable before configuring WiFi. Refer to How to Initially Set up WiFi Cameras via Reolink App (With LAN Port and Voice Prompt under the "2. With a Network Cable Connection" section.

7. Test by switching to a different mobile hotspot or another router's WiFi connection:

  • If switching to a different hotspot or WiFi connection allows successful QR code scanning and configuration, the issue may be related to the original router's WiFi configuration. Users are advised to check the router settings.
  • If switching to a different hotspot or WiFi connection still does not allow QR code scanning or recognition by the phone/client, contact Support and provide details of the troubleshooting steps taken according to this article. Support will provide further guidance.