If you want to know what sensitivity you should set, so that camera could pick up the motions accurately, you can learn the working mechanism below and then configure the sensitivity.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except battery-powered cameras.

The Motion sensitivity setting of Reolink cameras is controlled by a slider, allowing you to set a value between 1 and 50. You may drag the slider to the left (right) side to set the motion detection sensitivity.

The higher the level, the more sensitive the motion detection. For instance, in level 1, the alert will be triggered when motion is detected in 10% of the motion detection area; In level 50, the alert will be triggered when motion is detected in 0.5% of the motion detection area.

You can set different motion sensitivity values for the four time periods. You may change each period’s starting and ending time to adapt to the changing lighting conditions of the surroundings. It is recommended to set the sensitivity higher (10-50) in the daytime and lower (1-10) at night time.

The Smart detection sensitivity allows you to set a value between 1 and 100.

To find the best sensitivity values at different times in day/night, please test the system during different time periods. You may ask a friend to move in front of the camera for which you want to adjust the sensitivity. The ideal sensitivity level is the one when your friend's movements always trigger motion detection, and there are no false triggers (or very few) when your friend isn’t moving.

You may refer to the following methods to set up motion detection sensitivity for your Reolink cameras: