Applies to: All Reolink products except battery-powered cameras.

If you found no device in the device list when scanning device in LAN to add Reolink cameras or NVRs to Reolink Client, please follow the steps below for a simple troubleshooting.


There are several possible causes for the problem:

Cause 1. The device is not powered on.

Solution: How to tell if the camera is powered on? Turn off the lights or place the camera in a dark environment, if the infrared lights of the camera turn on, then the camera is powered on properly.


Cause 2. The camera doesn't connect to the same network with the computer that running the Reolink Client.

Solution: Connect the camera and your computer to the same network.


Cause 3. The scanning is blocked by firewalls and anti-virus software

Solution: Turn off the firewall and anti-virus software (e.g. Norton Security) and scan again.


Cause 4. The Client is not working properly.

Solution: Try to access your device via web browsers. If you succeed, it means the client is not working properly. Please completely uninstall (delete all the settings) then reinstall Reolink Client to a different path and try to scan again.