Sharing your Reolink device with others allows for convenient monitoring and enhanced collaboration. Whether you want to give family members access or share with trusted friends, this guide will walk you through the steps to easily and securely share your device using Reolink's Basic and Advanced Sharing Features.

Applies to: All Reolink Devices

Regarding the sharing feature, Reolink has received considerable customer feedback requesting the ability to customize sharing permissions. In response, Reolink has designed the Advanced Sharing Feature to better meet the needs of more customers. This feature is currently supported only on the Home Hub and some specific models. Below are the two methods for device sharing. You can use the corresponding method based on the current sharing interface of your camera. 

1. Basic Sharing Feature

2. Advanced Sharing Feature


Basic Sharing Feature

Here we'll guide you to share your configured cameras or NVRs with others by scanning the QR code on the Share page.

Step 1. Launch Reolink App on your phone, then tap onDevice Settings Icon icon to enter the Device Settings page. (Even if the device can not be connected, you can find the UID/QR code.)


Step 2. Tap Share Camera to find the sharing QR code, then follow the guides on this page to proceed.


Step 3. Please Add Reolink Products via Reolink App to access the device on other phones.

Note: Remember to tell him/her the username and login password of the camera if the one you share the QR code with needs to access the camera.


Advanced Sharing Feature

Step 1. Login to your device on the Reolink App, and go to the Device Settings page. 

device iconsettings

Step 2. Go to Advanced > Share Device

Advanced settingsshare device

Step 3. Tap the "+" icon in the top-right corner to add a share user.

plus sign to add device

Step 4. On the Add Share User page, configure the Permissions, Authorization date and Remark accordingly. And tap Generate Authorization Code.

  • Allow management: Allow the user to view device info and control all the features on the device.
  • View only: Authorize the user to Live View and Playback only. And customize whether the user can use Talk/PTZ and receive Push Notifications.  
  • Authorization date: Select the duration of sharing. Available options are 1/7/30/180 day(s) or 1/2/3 year(s).
  • Remark: Add remarks to better identify the share users. 

Add share userview only

Step 5. Choose to share the authorization code or authorization link with the others. The authorization code/link will be valid for 30 minutes.

device authorization code

Step 6. For the share user, ask him/her to scan the authorization code with Reolink App. Or copy the authorization link (Directly copy, without removing the content "Copy this and paste it..."), open the Reolink App, paste the authorization link and click Next to Add the device.

Note: One device can be shared with a maximum of 10 users. 

Add buttonscan QR codelink App

If you want to change the permissions of an already added user, you can also click on the corresponding user account to make changes.

share device successfully