Note: If you're accessing the camera remotely, please wait for a few seconds before clicking.

If the auto-focus of your camera is not working properly, you may follow the steps below for a simple troubleshoot. There're several possible causes for the problem:

Cause 1. The camera is pointing at a light source or facing a white wall.

Solution: Remount your camera to avoid pointing directly at any light source or switch the lens' angle to other objects to see whether the camera can perform auto-focus.

Cause 2. Moving objects (e.g. moving cars or human beings) are constantly caught by the camera.

Solution: Switch the lens to a still object to see whether it can perform auto-focus. Then switch it back to the original angle to see whether it can perform auto-focus as well.

Cause 3.  Auto-focus bug

Solution: If the camera can't focus automatically after each zoom, please try to focus manually and see if the image changes.

If the problem still exists after going through the steps above, please contact our support for additional help.