You could refer to the guides below to change the display of the Reolink camera, such as image quality, camera name, and day/night mode, etc. 

Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

Here is a video for your reference:

Step 1. Log in to the camera and tap the setting icon settings_icon.pngto the Device Settings page. Tap Display.



Step 2. On the display settings page, you can change the settings below: 

(1) Flip Vertical/Flip Horizontal: Change the direction of the image by enabling or disabling these options. It's also related to the installation of your camera. 


(2) Quality: Change the image quality including the resolution and frame rate mode.


Note: The Frame Rate Mode settings are only available for some of the cameras. 

(3) Anti-flicker: If the image of the camera is exposed, you can try to adjust this setting. 


(4) Brightness: Change the brightness of the image based on your needs. 

(5) OSD: Including the camera name, position of the date, watermark, and privacy mask. You can refer to How to Set up the Display Settings (OSD) for Reolink Cameras for more information. 

(6) Advanced: For some of the cameras that support the threshold setting, you can adjust the black & white and color switching threshold in the advanced setting. 


(7) Brightness and Shadow: Change the color day mode or color night mode.