Reolink IP cameras can be accessed via Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You may follow the guide below to log in to your IP camera on a browser and control them just like the way you do on Reolink Client.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras (except for battery-powered cameras, E1, E1 Pro, T1 Pro, Reolink Lumus, and add-on cameras) and PoE NVRs.

Step 1. Check the IP address of your device. You can refer to How to Check Network Status of Reolink Cameras/NVRs to check it.  

Note: If you reboot your router or your device has been offline for too long, the IP address of your device may change and the port that you forward may become invalid. To avoid the problem, you may assign a static IP address for your device or use Dynamic DNS to access your device.

Step 2. Input the IP address of your device in the address bar of the browser, input the username and password of your device, then click Login to live view your device.


Note: If there is a pop-up that prompts you to install a plugin on the web browser, click Install to install it.


After the plugin is successfully installed, please restart the browser and enter the IP address to log into your Reolink NVR again.

If you fail to load the above pages, you may add the HTTP Port to the end of the IP address. For example, if your HTTP port is 88, then the URL should be Refresh the page and you should see the Reolink login interface.

Note: If you don’t know the HTTP port of your device or you have changed the port number, you can refer to How to Set up Reolink Ports Settings to see how to find their current value via Reolink Client.

See more about accessing Reolink products via web browsers:

If you need more information or assistance, please contact Reolink Support.