This article attempts to offer possible causes and solutions for you to deal with the problem of the USB flash drive not being recognized by the NVR.

Applies to: Reolink NVRs

Description: When you insert a USB flash drive into the USB port to back up videos from the NVR, the USB cannot be recognized and the prompt "Please insert a USB" shows up on the NVR monitor.

Cause 1: The format of the USB flash drive is not compatible with the NVR.

Solution: Please format the USB flash drive to FAT32 on your PC. Refer to how to convert the USB flash drive format to FAT32

Cause 2: The USB flash drive you are using is defective or broken.

Solution: Insert another USB flash drive into the USB port for a try. Or you can insert the USB flash drive into your computer to check if it can be recognized.

Cause 3: The USB ports on the NVR are dysfunctional.

Solution: If the NVR cannot recognize the flash drive, and it also makes no response to the mouse plugged in, the NVR USB ports might be broken. You can contact our support team for further help.

Note: There are 2 USB ports on RLN8-410/RLN16-410, and 3 USB ports on RLN36. You can insert it into all the USB ports one by one for a test.