This article intends to troubleshoot the problem of the camera's failing or missing alarms. Please check them one by one to see if the problem is solved.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

Description: The camera does not respond to the alarm event, or misses out on some alarm events. For example, when a person is walking in front of the camera, you haven't received a push/email alert, or the siren hasn't sounded.

Cause 1. Incorrect alert settings.

Solution: Check if you have set up the alerts for your camera accordingly.

For example, if you want the camera to sound the siren each time a pet is passing by, you need to enable the siren, set up a schedule for the siren and select the corresponding detection type. It applies to other alerts such as email, push notifications, alarm recordings, etc.

Here is an article for your reference: How to Set up Alarm.

Cause 2. Wrong PIR settings. (For battery-powered cameras)

Solution: Make sure that the PIR motion sensor is turned on and the PIR sensitivity is set properly. You also need to set up the PIR schedule for battery-powered cameras without smart detection (for example, Argus 2).

Here are articles that may help:

Cause 3. Wrong motion detection settings.

Solution: Make sure you have set up the detection alarm settings properly. The detection zone and detection sensitivity are important factors if the camera fails to alarms or misses alarms.

For example, if you paint the whole detection area as the no-alarm area, the camera will detect no alarm at all. Likewise, if you lower the detection sensitivity to almost 0, the camera won't alarm either.

Here are guides on how to set up motion detection: How to Configure Motion Detection Settings

Cause 4. Wrong smart detection settings. (For cameras with smart detection)

Solution: Make sure you have configured the smart detection settings of your camera reasonably.

If you find the camera fails to make alarms or miss alarm events of a moving person/vehicle/pet, the cause may lie in the wrong settings of smart detection. For example, if you lower the smart detection sensitivity for a person to 0, or the moving person captured by the camera is smaller than the minimum size you have customized, the camera won't make an alarm, thus you will not receive alerts either.

Click this article if you need: How to Set up Smart Detection Alarm via Reolink App

Cause 5. Outdated firmware.


Visit Download Center – Reolink to download the latest firmware and manually upgrade it following the instructions provided in How to Upgrade Firmware via Reolink Client (New Client).

Cause 6. Unreasonable installation angle.


1. Try not to let the camera look vertically to the ground.

2. Avoid complex environments such as places that are heavily blocked by trees. If this is unavoidable, it is recommended to set these areas as non-detection areas.

3. For battery-powered cameras, see: Installation Tips for Reolink Battery-Powered Cameras.

If you encounter any issues during this process or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact  Reolink Support Team via email.