If your camera supports linking to an IoT device: Which Camera Supports IoT, you can follow the steps below to make it.

Applies to: Floodlight PoE, Floodlight WiFi, and Reolink Cameras that support IoT

Note: Please make sure the version of your Reolink App is at least 4.33 (iOS) or 4.34 (Android).

Step 1. Launch the Reolink App and add the camera and the IoT device to the App. You could refer to the links below to add the devices: 

Step 2. Tap the gear icon on the top right to the device settings page. Tap Linked Device(s).


Step 3. Select an IoT device that you would like to link to. On the Link New Device(s) page, configure the corresponding Conditions and Actions.


Step 4. Tap Detection, and choose the detection type according to your needs. 


Step 5. Tap Schedule, and configure the time schedule for the detection. 


Step 6. Tap Action and the "+" sign to add actions for the IoT device. You can set the Floodlight to turn on the light or make an alarm sound, or both of them at the same time when the camera detects motion. 

Tap Done to save the settings.


Step 7. Tap Duration under the Light settings, then you can configure the duration of the light to stay on after detecting. 


Tap Audio, you can choose Default audio or customized audio. 


Tap Done on the top right to save all the configurations. 

Step 8. Done! Now an IoT device is successfully linked to the camera. 


If you would like to edit or delete the current settings, tap three_dots.png.


If you would like to add more settings or link other IoT devices to the camera, tap the "+" sign on the top right to add more.