A few questions about E1 Zoom frequently asked by Reolink users are listed here. Click them to get the answer you need.

  • Can I use this camera with Synology?

    Yes, this camera can work with Synology. There are 2 methods for you to save videos in it.
    Method 1 (recommended): You can add this camera to Synology Surveillance Station. Check this How to Add Reolink Cameras to Synology Surveillance Station to learn how to add a camera. Please note the camera and Synology device should be connected to the same local area network before settings.
    Method 2: You can treat your Sunology device as an FTP server. For detailed steps of adding the FTP server, please refer to How to Set up FTP for Reolink Products.

  • Can I use this camera with PoE NVR?

    Yes, the E1 Zoom camera can work with PoE NVR. Please refer to How to Make Reolink WiFi Cameras Work with Reolink PoE NVRs

  • Can this camera support a Time-lapse function?

    No, E1 Zoom camera does not support a time-lapse function.

  • How can I power up this camera?

    The camera can be powered by a 5V 1A DC power adapter.

  • Can this camera support web browser access?

    Yes, it can. Please refer to Which Cameras/NVRs Can be Accessed via Web Browser

  • Can I use this camera with Blue Iris?

    Yes, you can add the camera to Blue Iris according to How to Add Reolink Cameras to Blue Iris.

  • Can this camera support the Reolink Cloud storage service?

    The models supported by Reolink Cloud in some countries may be different. Please take the information on cloud subscription page for reference.

If you still can't find the answer to your question, here is more information about the FAQs of your camera or please feel free to contact us.