Reolink Video Doorbell PoE/WiFi can replace the existing mechanical doorbell of your house. It can be installed to the existing doorbell wiring that offers a compatible power supply. Reolink Video Doorbell works with a power supply of 24V DC or 12-24V AC, 50/60 Hz. And it is compatible with most power systems of mechanical doorbells (16V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA).

Note: Reolink Video Doorbell will not work with the existing mechanical chime you have installed before. Please use the video doorbell with the paired Reolink Chime.

Applies to: Reolink Video Doorbell PoE, and Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi

Before Installation: Check the Status of the Mechanical Chime

Press the existing doorbell button and check whether the existing chime can ring. Make sure that the old doorbell wiring is still working. Then, power Off the doorbell system.


According to different situations, you can select one of the following methods to install a Reolink Video Doorbell to the existing doorbell wiring.

Method 1. Bypass the Mechanical Chime With Jumper Cable

By bypassing the existing chime with the jumper cable provided in the product box, Reolink Video Doorbell can get sufficient power and work stably. Here is a guide for bypassing:

Step 1. Remove the cover of the mechanical chime. Take a picture of the existing wire connection. You may need this for reference later.

Step 2. Loosen the connector screws on the Trans and the Front terminals on the mechanical chime. Do not remove the screws or the existing wires.

Step 3. Connect the two spades of the provided jumper cable to the Trans and the Front terminals. To secure the spades, tighten the screws to the terminals again.

Step 4. Replace the old doorbell button with Reolink Video Doorbell.



1. The Reolink Video Doorbell camera requires the user to bypass the existing chime first to get sufficient power. Without this step, there may be problems including but not limited to:

  • The doorbell camera can't be powered on or it will be rebooted abnormally.
  • The doorbell camera can be powered on but can't work stably.
  • The existing mechanical chime will vibrate or sound abnormally.

2. The existing mechanical chime will not work anymore after the bypass.

3. Be careful when handling the circuit wiring. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact a qualified electrician.

Method 2. Connect Reolink Video Doorbell to Doorbell Transformer

Connect Reolink Video Doorbell to the doorbell transformer directly. Then, replace the old doorbell button with Reolink Video Doorbell.

Note: Reolink Video Doorbell works with a power supply of 24 V DC or 12-24 V AC, 50/60 Hz.


If you have more than one video doorbell or mechanical chime, you can refer to the cases below in installation.

Case 1. Two Mechanical Chimes Connected to One Doorbell Button

Step 1. Use two provided jumper cables to respectively connect Trans and Front on the mechanical chimes.

Step 2. Replace the old doorbell button with Reolink Video Doorbell.


Case 2. Two Old Doorbell Buttons Connected to One Mechanical Chime

Step 1. Use a jumper cable to connect Front and Trans on the mechanical chime, and another jumper cable to connect Rear and Trans.

Step 2. Replace the old doorbell buttons with video doorbells.


Case 3. Too Complicated Wiring

If the doorbell wiring is too complicated, we recommend you leave the mechanical chime(s) alone and connect the video doorbells to the transformer directly. Refer to the following pictures for installation.

Connect Multiple Video Doorbells to One Transformer


Connect Multiple Doorbells to Multiple Transformers