Here are some troubleshooting tips for Argus 2/Argus Pro. You may check whether your camera's issue is listed below. If not, you may go to the Troubleshooting section to find suggestions for more issues or you may contact Reolink support for help.

  • WiFi connection failed when setting up Argus 2/Argus Pro.

    If you hear "Connection to the Router failed" during the initial setup, it means the camera failed to connect to the router. Please follow this guide to troubleshoot the issue.
    Cause 1. The WiFi-SSID or password is incorrect.
    Solution: Please double-check and ensure the WiFi-SSID and password you entered in the Reolink app is correct.
    Cause 2. The WiFi-SSID or password you entered contains special characters.
    Solution: Please enter the SSID and password using characters from the English keyboard only. And check your SSID is within 31 characters.
    Cause 3. The WiFi configurations don't meet the requirements
    Please ensure that the router's frequency is 2.4Ghz. If you are using dual-band Wi-Fi, please disable the 5Ghz WiFi on the router to have a try.
    b. Change the encryption method of your Wi-Fi to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK on your router interface.
    c. Please disable MAC filtering on the router before setting up the camera.
    d. Please change the Wi-Fi Channel to 1/6/11, and then connect to the router to try again. 
    Cause 4. The camera is too far away from the router.
    Solution: Put your camera close to your router to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal and set it up.  
    For more information, please check the article: wifi connection failed when setting up Argus 2/Argus Pro.

  • Why battery doesn't last as excepted?

    The expected battery life is calculated through tests under controlled laboratory conditions. The actual battery life may vary depending on configurations, battery models, and many other factors. There're several possible causes worth mentioning during the use of Reolink battery-powered cameras.
    Cause 1. Frequent PIR alarms
     Reduce false alarms by choosing a suitable sensitivity for your PIR sensor or by mounting your battery-powered camera (or the PIR sensor) in places without frequent vehicles or passengers.
    b. Set up a proper motion detection schedule, which is to enable/disable the PIR sensor in specific time periods.
    Cause 2. Frequent log-in and live-view
    Solution: Avoid logging in to the camera too frequently. Only access the camera when necessary.
    Cause 3. Weak WiFi connection
    Solution:  Please install the cameras near the router to ensure that there is a stable and strong WiFi connection between the router and the cameras.
    Find more information, please check the article: why the battery doesn't last as excepted

  • The camera starts recording too late.

    If the camera starts recording late, you may follow the points below to troubleshoot the issue.
    Cause1. The camera was installed too high or the installation angle of it was improper.
    Solution: Install the camera at a height of 2-3 meters above the ground. 
    Cause2. The PIR sensitivity was too low.
    Solution: Set up the PIR sensitivity to a higher level
    Cause3. There are glass or other obstacles between the camera and intruders.
    Solution: Change the mounting place of the camera or remove the obstacles if convenient.
    Cause4. The PIR sensor is blocked by something, such as the original plastic film.
    Solution: Tear off the plastic film and make sure there is nothing blocking the PIR sensor. 
    For more information, please check the article: the camera starts recording too late

  • Failed to bind the camera to the cloud.

    If you fail to bind the camera to the Reolink Cloud, here are 3 possible causes of the problem for your reference, and you can follow the tips to solve it.
    Cause 1. Incorrect operation
    Solution: Make sure that you have bound the camera to the Reolink Cloud via Reolink App in the correct way.
    Cause 2. Poor network connection
    Solution: Try to access your camera remotely to check if your camera is stably connected to the Internet.
    Cause 3. Already bound to another account
    Solution: Check if you have bound this device to another Reolink Cloud account before. If so, log in to that account, unbind the camera from the cloud plan and delete it from the device list on Reolink App. Then, you can bind the camera to your current account again.
    Note: The models supported by Reolink Cloud in some countries may be different. Please take the information on cloud subscription page for reference.
    For more details, please refer to the article: failed to bind the camera to the cloud.

  • What should I do if the battery cannot be charged?

    If you meet the following situations, it may be the battery cannot be charged.
    Before the troubleshooting, we suggest you may use other devices to verify the DC adapter and USB cable could work well:
    DC adapter should be 5V 2A.
    The USB cable should not be too long (less than 1.5m) and not slimmer than the cable in the package.
    Here are some causes and solutions:
    Cause 1. Battery self-protection mechanism
    Solution: In some special cases, the battery will stop being charged to protect itself. And the LED under the micro-USB port will keep flashing in red/orange, then you may take the battery out and reinstall it to the camera to charge for a test.
    Cause 2. The pins on the camera are damaged
    Solution: Check if the pins were oxidation/rust, splitting or bending. And for the Argus Pro/2, ensure to take off the plastic film on the pins before the installation.
    Cause 3. The battery charging input is less than the output
    Solution: For the cameras which has the removable battery, please take off the battery and charge it separately for a few hours, then put it back to see if the battery level has been increased. 
    To get more information, please click what should I do if the battery cannot be charged.

  • Failed to load the stream when viewing the camera.

    If you failed to view the camera live in clear mode with "loading" in the image or it alerts you to switch to lower resolution due to the poor network connection, below are the causes to this issue:
    Cause 1. Unstable Network
    1. Switch the stream mode to Fluent.
    2. Access the cameras in a clear stream in LAN.
    3. Lower the bitrate of the clear stream.
    4. Check the upstream bandwidth.
    Cause 2. Softwares
    1. If the clear stream failed on App, try on the computer client. If the clear stream can work via the Client, please disable "hardware decoding" on Android App and check it again.
    2. If the clear stream failed on either phone App or computer client, check whether other devices are viewing the same camera in clear mode at the same time.
    To get more information, please click this article: failed to load the stream when viewing the camera.