Here are some troubleshooting tips for Argus 2E. You may check whether your camera's issue is listed below. If not, you may go to the Troubleshooting section to find suggestions for more issues or you may contact Reolink support for help.

  • Camera keeps beeping during the initial setup

    If you find the camera keeps beeping during the initial setup, it is normal. It means that the camera starts up successfully and we may start to set it up. Please follow the instructions below:
    Step 1. Download the App/Client on your phone/PC and start the setup process.
    Step 2. Tap on the "+" icon in the top right corner to start the initial setup.
    Step 3. Scan the QR code at the back of the camera or enter the 16-digit UID number to add it.
    Step 4. Select "Wi-Fi Not configured".
    Step 5. Enter the Wi-Fi password of the selected Wi-Fi network and tap Next.
    Step 6. Use the camera to scan the QR code generated on the phone.
    Step 7. After scanning, there will be a short beep sound. The camera will try to connect to the router.

  • The camera fails to scan the QR code on the App

    If the camera fails to scan the QR code generated by the App during the initial setup, please troubleshoot from the following points:
    Cause 1. The camera lens is dirty and unable to get a clear image of the QR code.
    Solution: Wipe the camera lens with a dry paper towel/tissue. For the initial setup, you may remove the protective tape on the lens.
    Cause 2. Your phone is too near or too far away from the camera.
    Solution: Adjust the angle and the distance to make sure that your phone screen is 90° vertical to the camera at about 20cm (8 inches) away.
    Cause 3. The light is too dim for the camera to recognize the QR code.
    Solution: Scan the QR code on the phone’s screen where there's enough illumination and adjust your phone screen to about 50% brightness.
    Find more information, please check: Camera Failed to Scan the QR Code on the Phone APP

  • Wifi connection failed

    If you hear "Connection to the Router failed" during the initial setup, it means the camera failed to connect to the router. Please follow this guide to troubleshoot the issue.
    Cause 1. The WiFi-SSID or password is incorrect.
    Solution: Please double-check and ensure the WiFi-SSID and password you entered in the Reolink app is correct.
    Cause 2. The WiFi-SSID or password you entered contains special characters.
    Solution: Please enter the SSID and password using characters from the English keyboard only. And check your SSID is within 31 characters.
    Cause 3. The wireless frequency of your Wi-Fi is not 2.4GHz (applicable ONLY for Lumus, battery-powered cameras, and E1).
    Solution: Please ensure that the router's frequency is 2.4Ghz. If you are using dual-band Wi-Fi, please disable the 5Ghz WiFi on the router to have a try.
    For more information, please refer to Wi-Fi Connection Failed when Setting up Lumus, Battery-Powered Cameras and E Series

  • Camera does not hold a charge from the solar panel

    There're several possible causes for Reolink Solar Panel to stop charging Reolink battery-powered cameras, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.
    Cause 1. Bad contact in the charging cable
    Solution: Unplug and re-insert the charging cable. Ensure a stable connection between the solar panel and the camera.
    Cause 2. Insufficient sunlight
    Solution: Make sure that your Reolink Solar panel is pointed toward the sun and is not obstructed by trees, buildings, or other obstacles. Refer to How to Use Solar Panel Effectively
    Cause 3. Extensive use
    Solution: Extensive use of your battery-powered cameras will drain the camera's battery faster than the recharging speed of your Reolink Solar panel, especially with insufficient sun exposure. Please reduce or stop using your camera for a day or two to see whether the battery level will increase.
    For more details, please refer to Why Reolink Solar Panel Stop Charging Reolink Battery Powered Cameras

  • Camera starts recording too late

    If the camera starts recording late, you may follow the points below to troubleshoot the issue.
    Cause 1. The camera was installed too high or the installation angle of it was improper.
    Solution: Install the camera at a height of 2-3 meters above the ground. Refer to:
    How to position your battery-powered camera properly
    Cause 2. The PIR sensitivity was too low.
    Solution: Set up the PIR sensitivity to a higher level
    Cause 3. There are glass or other obstacles between the camera and intruders.
    Solution: Change the mounting place of the camera or remove the obstacles if convenient.
    To get more information, please click: PIR Sensor is Triggered Too Late