Here is some Q&A about Argus Eco which is frequently asked by customers. You can check whether your question is covered below or not.

If you still have some unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • How can I charge this camera? Is the solar panel a must?

    You have two charging options (including solar charging):
    Option 1. Have the camera connected to a solar panel for a non-stop power supply.
    (Also recommended as the most friendly charging option for the cam's battery.)
    Option 2. Charge the camera (with its non-removable battery) via a 5V 2A USB charger. (Please note that it's ok to charge the cam while it's working, but not for long.)

  • How long does the battery last?

    The camera comes with a rechargeable battery. Normally, the battery lasts for about 1-4 weeks per charge (Actual use varies based on settings, use conditions, and environmental factors.) When the battery level goes down to 10%, the camera will send you a low-battery notification.
    For a non-stop power supply, you can connect the camera to a Reolink Solar Panel (purchased separately).

  • What does the PIR motion sensor work for?

    PIR sensors are more sensitive to infrared radiations from humans or animals, and thus can dramatically reduce false alarms caused by fluttering moths or flying twigs.
    Its full name is a passive infrared sensor. It measures the infrared (IR) light radiating from objects with a temperature above absolute zero. When the number of infrared radiation changes, it triggers the detection.

  • Does the camera have an SD card?

    No, the camera does not come with a micro SD card built-in. But it has a micro SD card slot.
    This camera supports Max. 128GB micro SD cards with FAT32 format and Class 10 or higher read & write speed.
  • Can this camera support Google Home like Google Assistant?

    Yes, this camera can work with Google Assistant.
    Tips: How to add this camera to Google Assistant?

  • Can this camera work with Reolink NVR?

    No, Reolink battery-powered cameras cannot work with Reolink NVR. 
    For more details, please refer to: Which Cameras Can Work with Reolink NVR

  • Can I keep the camera plugged into the power outlet all the time?

    It's not suggested to keep charging the battery continuously via a DC adapter. This may reduce the battery life or damage the battery or even the whole camera. Taking your smartphone as an example, if you keep charging it all the time, the battery life will also be reduced accordingly. As Reolink solar panel has overcharge system settings and is also designed for a Reolink battery-powered camera, it's suggested to charge the Reolink battery-powered camera with a Reolink solar panel. In this way, your camera can be charged all the time and there is no need to worry about overcharge or lifespan issues. 

  • Whether it can support 5GHz WiFi?

    For Reolink Argus Eco (2 MP and 3 MP version), they can only support the 2.4GHz WiFi. For the newer future 8MP version, it can work with both the 5GHz&2.4GHz WiFi.

For more FAQs about the camera, please check: FAQs-Argus Eco