Here are some troubleshooting tips for Reolink Go PT Plus. You may check whether your camera's issue is listed below. If not, you may go to the Troubleshooting section to find suggestions for more issues or you may contact Reolink support for help.

  • "Network connection failed" when configuring the camera.

    If you heard the voice prompt "network connection failed" when you configure a new Reolink Go PT Plus for the first time (with the Nano SIM card installed), here are some possible causes and solutions. 

    Cause 1. The Nano SIM card does not match the standard

    Solution: Ensure the Nano SIM card matches the requirements, please refer to Choose SIM card for Reolink 4G Cameras.

    Cause 2. Poor 4G signal coverage

    Solution: Take the camera with the inserted Nano SIM card to a place with a strong 4G signal to have a try and see whether it works.

    For more information, please check the article "Network Connection Failed" When Configuring Reolink Go for the 1st Time.

  • Failed to connect to Go PT Plus.

    If you find that you fail to connect to your camera, below are possible causes and solutions. 

    Cause 1. No Data or Expired SIM Card

    Solution: Put the SIM card on the phone or contact the operator to check if the SIM card can connect to the network.

    Cause 2. The battery is exhausted

    Solution: Charge the camera with an adapter or click Why Reolink Solar Panel Stop Charging Reolink Battery Powered Cameras to check the solar panel charging.

    For more details, please check the article Failed to Connect Reolink Go/ Go PT.

  • Nano SIM card cannot be recognized.

    If the Nano SIM card can't be recognized by your Go PT Plus, below are some possible causes and solutions that you may refer to. 

    Cause 1. Improper installation of the Nano SIM card.

    Solution: Make sure you insert the Nano SIM card in the correct way, you can refer to the article How to Install the SIM Card for Reolink Go PT Plus to install the Nano SIM card.

    Cause 2. Poor contact between the Nano SIM card and the camera.

    Solution: Please press the iron sheet on the SIM card slot so that the SIM card can contact well with the camera.

  • PIR sensor fails to trigger alarms.

    If the PIR sensor fails to trigger any kind of alarm within the covered area (including audio warning, push, recording and email), please follow the troubleshooting tips listed below to solve the problem. There are several possible causes for the problem:

    Cause 1. The PIR sensor is not properly installed.

    Solution: Make sure that the PIR sensor or the camera is installed in the direction crossing the possible intruder instead of facing it.

    Cause 2. The PIR sensor is disabled

    Solution: Please enable the PIR sensor.

    Cause 3: The PIR sensitivity is set too low

    Solution: Please increase the PIR sensitivity to see if the problem could be fixed or not. You may refer to How to Set up PIR Sensitivity via Reolink Software.

    For more details, please refer to PIR Sensor Fails to Trigger Alarm.

  • What should I do if the battery cannot be charged?

    If you noticed that your camera won't charge, below are some causes and solutions for your reference. 

    Cause 1. Improper charging temperature

    Solution: For the battery-powered camera, it cannot be charged if the temperature is out of the charging temperature range (0℃~60℃). You may take the camera back to the room and wait for it back to room temperature to charge for a test.

    Cause 2. Battery self-protection mechanism

    Solution: In some special cases, the battery will stop being charged to protect itself. And the LED under the micro-USB port will keep flashing in red/orange, then you may take the battery out and reinstall it to the camera to charge for a test.

    For more details, please refer to What Should I Do If the Battery Cannot be Charged.

  • Failed to bind to Cloud.

    If you fail to bind the camera to the Reolink Cloud, below are some possible causes of the problem for your reference.

    Cause 1. Incorrect operation

    Solution: Make sure that you have bound the camera to the Reolink Cloud via Reolink App in the correct way.

    Cause 2. Already bound to another account
    Solution: Check if you have bound this device to another Reolink Cloud account before. If so, log in to that account, unbind the camera from the cloud plan and delete it from the device list on Reolink App. Then, you can bind the camera to your current account again.

    For more details, please refer to Fail to Bind the Camera to the Cloud - Reolink Cloud Troubleshooting.

  • Failed to add cameras to Google Home.

    If the camera failed to be added to Google Home or the Google Home device cannot find the camera, below are the causes for your reference. 

    Cause 1. The Smart Home Skill of the camera is not enabled yet.

    Solution: Please enable the smart home skill for the camera on Reolink App. 

    Cause 2. Reolink account 


    1. Check the Reolink account on Reolink App and make sure the camera is bound to this Reolink account.

    2. Make sure the Reolink account (which is the same as the one on Reolink App) is logged in successfully on Google Home App to authorize the Reolink Smart Home skill.

    Cause 3. The internet connection of Google Home or the camera

    Solution: Restart the Google Home device and the camera and make sure they have connected to the internet.

    For more details, please refer to Fail to Add Cameras to Google Home.