The Reolink cameras will automatically drop the frame rate to 12 fps during the nighttime to ensure enough exposure time. However, that might result in an overexposed image or "ghost image" sometimes. To solve this problem, you can set a fixed frame rate for your camera to make the image clearer at night.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras that support smart (person/vehicle) detection exclude battery-powered cameras.

Please refer to the video below to set up a fixed frame rate via Reolink Client.

Note: If you cannot find access to set a fixed frame rate for your smart camera, please upgrade the camera's firmware to the latest version.

Click Device SettingsStream > Frame Rate Mode.

If you don't want the frame rate to change, select Fixed Frame Rate. Otherwise, select Auto Frame Rate.


You can also set the Interframe space to get better quality videos. Interframe space is a period of time that exists between transmissions of wireless frames to avoid a collision with other frames. interframe_space_new_client.png